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Chapter 14A.55 Parade Event Marking

City Code Chapter

(Chapter added by Ordinance 181684, effective April 18, 2008.)

14A.55.010 Access to Public Property for Parade Event.

(Amended by Ordinance 191706, effective May 8, 2024.)

  1. A.  It is unlawful to paint, tape, or otherwise mark public property or place objects in the right-of-way for the purpose of reserving space for a parade event.
  2. B.  City of Portland may remove unauthorized materials left on public property or the right-of-way.
  3. C.  Camping overnight, to reserve a space in the public right-of-way along side the parade route, may be allowed as set forth in administrative rule.  Overnight camping under this section is a limited exception to Portland City Code Sections 14A.50.140, 14A.50.150, 14A.50.160, and 14A.50.030.

14A.55.020 Enforcement and Notice of Violation.

(Amended by Ordinance 191736, effective July 1, 2024.)

  1. A.   The Director of the Portland Permitting & Development, or designee, upon determining that a violation of this code or administrative rule has occurred, may issue a notice of violation by direct delivery of said notice to the violator.
  2. B.   The violator shall, upon receipt of a notice of violation, correct the violation and pay to the City a civil penalty as set forth in Portland City Code 14A.55.030.

14A.55.030 Penalties.

  1. Violations of this Chapter may be punishable by fines as follows:
  2. A.  A $100 fine for the first violation;
  3. B.  A $500 fine for each subsequent violation.

14A.55.040 Administrative Review.

(Amended by Ordinance 191736, effective July 1, 2024.)

  1. A person, who is issued a notice of violation, may challenge the findings in the notice by requesting an administrative review from the Portland Permitting & Development.

14A.55.060 Further Appeals.

  1. All appeals from the Code Hearings Officer's determination pursuant to Portland City Code 14A.55.050 shall be by writ of review as authorized by Portland City Code 22.04.010 and ORS 34.010 - 34.100.

14A.55.070 Additional Regulations.

(Amended by Ordinance 191736, effective July 1, 2024.)

  1. The Portland Permitting & Development is authorized to promulgate administrative rules and take other actions reasonable and necessary to enforce this Chapter.