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14A.50.035 Pedestrians.

A. No person with the intent to interfere with free passage shall block or attempt to block or interfere with any person(s) along the public sidewalks by any means, including but not limited to standing on that part of the sidewalk used for pedestrian travel or by placing any object or vehicle in such area.

B.  No person with the intent to interfere with the free ingress to or egress from shall block or attempt to interfere with or block pedestrian or vehicular entrances to public or private property abutting the public sidewalk.

C. Violation of this Section subjects a person to a maximum penalty of a $250 fine only.

D. In lieu of the penalty provided for above, a judge may sentence a person found in violation of this Section to community service for such period as is provided for misdemeanors pursuant to ORS 137.126 to ORS 137.129.

E. This Section shall not apply to any activity otherwise made lawful.

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