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14A.20.070 Claims for Rewards.

Each claim for a reward offered by this Code shall be made in writing by the claimant or the claimant’s authorized representative and filed with the Auditor within 60 days after conviction of the accused in the Circuit Court or, if there has been an appeal, when the judgment of conviction becomes final. If two or more persons are entitled to the same reward, it shall be prorated among them. It shall be the duty of the Chief of Police to fully investigate all claims for reward and report the results of the investigation to the City Attorney. The report shall include copies of all police reports and records pertaining to the case out of which the claim arose, the court disposition, and a statement of facts or circumstances showing why the claimant is or is not entitled to payment of the reward. The City Attorney shall examine the record and report findings and conclusions to the Council, together with the report of the Chief of Police. If the arrest was made by any law enforcement agency other than the Bureau of Police, a report of that agency shall be obtained and submitted to the Council, along with the other reports required herein. The address of the claimant shall not be made public unless necessary to the enforcement of the law.

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