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14A.110.060 Animals.

No person shall bring or carry aboard a Portland Streetcar vehicle or be present at a Portland Streetcar station with an animal except:

A.  A person accompanied by a service animal or a person training a service animal and that service animal is under the control of the person by leash, harness or other device made for the purpose of controlling the movement of an animal; or

B.  A person transporting an animal if:

1.  the animal is kept and held at all times within a secure container appropriate for carrying the size and type of animal; and

2.  the animal can be transported

a.  without risk of injury to the animal and without risk of harm or inconvenience to other riders or Portland Streetcar personnel, and

b.  in accordance with all other provisions of Chapters 14A.100 and 14A.110.

3.  A trained police dog accompanied by a police officer.

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