13.40.010 Owner Responsibilities.

City Code Section
  1. A.  Requirements and best practice recommendations. All livestock keepers must meet the provisions of this Title and any administrative rules for best practices determined applicable by the Director.
  2. B.  Nuisance complaints. The keeping of livestock will not create a nuisance or disturb neighboring residents due to noise, odor, damage or threats to public health. Livestock keepers are required to respond immediately to remediate nuisance complaints, including but not limited to: waste removal and general upkeep of the livestock facility, feeding or watering practices that attract rats, animal noises and animals roaming off the property they are being kept.
  3. C.  Contagious diseases. A livestock keeper must contact a licensed veterinarian to examine any animal believed to have a disease contagious to animals (e.g., mange, eczema) or humans (e.g., ringworm, hepatitis, rabies). The animal in question must be confined in a secure enclosure until it is declared free of the disease by a licensed veterinarian.