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11.50.080 Changes to Approved Tree Plans and Emergency Tree Removal.

City Code Section
  1. A.  When changes are necessary to an approved Tree Plan and the changes will not affect compliance with any applicable conditions of a land use review, the change may be reviewed as a revision to the approved development permit. Any proposed revisions to the Tree Plan will be approved upon demonstrating the applicable tree preservation and density standards are met. When development activity has already commenced on the site and the applicant is proposing to retain alternate trees not previously shown to be protected, an arborist report will be required that documents the alternate tree is healthy and has not been injured by the development activity.
  2. B.  Emergency Tree Pruning or Removal. Emergency pruning or removal of trees is regulated by this Chapter as follows:
    1. 1.  If an emergency exists because the condition or location of a tree presents such a clear and present danger to structures or the public that there is insufficient time to obtain a tree permit, the hazardous portion of the tree may be removed without first obtaining a revision to an approved tree plan.
    2. 2.  Any person who removes a tree under the provisions of this Section shall, within 7 days of such action, apply for a revision to the approved tree plan. The application shall include photographs or other documentation to prove that an emergency existed. The BDS Director will evaluate the information to determine whether an emergency existed. Failure to submit an application or provide information documenting the emergency nature of the event may be pursued as a violation per Chapter 11.70.