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11.50.060 Street Tree Planting Standards.

City Code Section

(Amended by Ordinance 191030, effective November 11, 2022.)

  1. A.  Where these Regulations Apply.
    1. 1.  This Section applies to projects within or fronting on any City-owned or    -managed streets.
    2. 2.  For alterations where the project value is more than $25,000, the cost of required Street Tree improvements is limited to 10 percent of the value of the proposed development.
  2. B.  Exemptions. The following are exempt from the Street Tree planting standards of this Section:
    1. 1.  Development activities associated with the following:
      1. a.  Additions, alterations, repair or new construction where the project value is less than $25,000;
      2. b.  Activity that is limited to the street, and does not modify or create sidewalks, tree wells, or existing or potential tree planting areas; or
      3. c.  Demolition Permits.
    2. 2.  Where physical constraints preclude meeting the Street Tree planting requirement because:
      1. a.  Existing driveways, trees, and above or below grade utilities prevent planting Street Trees; or
      2. b.  The design of the street will not accommodate Street Tree planting because the planting strip is less than 3 feet wide, there is not a planting strip, or there is insufficient space to add tree wells.
  3. C.  Street Tree Planting Requirement.   Any proposed change in width in a public street right-of-way or any other proposed street improvement, including the development of new public streets, shall include areas for tree and landscape planting where practical. Utility connections and specifications for planting such areas shall be integrated into the site plan. Specific locations and species will be determined by the Responsible Engineer and City Forester. Planting in public streets shall meet the specifications in Chapter 11.60 and the following:
    1. 1.  One Street Tree shall be planted or retained for each full increment of 25 linear feet per side of street frontage. When the required number of trees cannot be planted, a fee in lieu of planting may be required. For City projects, required trees that cannot be planted within the improvement area may be planted elsewhere on City property or in the street, instead of paying a fee in lieu of planting.
    2. 2.  When new streets are being created in association with a land division, Street Tree planting may be deferred until the completion of the building permit on each new lot, subject to City Forester approval.