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11.40.060 Tree Replacement Requirements.

Generally, the City Forester will require replacement of trees removed under a Tree Permit as specified in Subsection A. However, the City Forester may instead allow payment into the Tree Planting and Preservation Fund as specified in Subsection B., or may waive or reduce the replacement requirement as specified in Subsection C.

A.  Tree replacement specifications

 1.  Quantity. Specific tree replacement requirements are shown in Tables 40-2 and 40-3. Where the requirement specifies "up to inch for inch" replacement, the City Forester will determine the appropriate number of new trees that are required based on the total number of diameter inches of the trees removed. The replacement requirement will compensate for the lost functions of trees removed, and ensure the application meets the applicable standards and review factors.

 2.  Planting. Size, species, location, timing of planting, and on-going maintenance of replacement trees shall be in accordance with the technical specifications in Chapter 11.60.

 B.  Payment into Tree Planting and Preservation Fund. When the City Forester determines that there is insufficient or unsuitable area to accommodate some or all of the replacement trees within the street planting area or site, the City Forester may require payment into the Tree Planting and Preservation Fund instead of requiring replacement trees. Payment is based on the adopted fee schedule.

C.  Waivers. The City Forester may waive or reduce the replacement requirement when the City Forester determines:

 1.  The abutting right-of-way and site already meet the tree density standards of Chapter 11.50; or

 2.  That the full mitigation required by this Chapter would impose an unreasonable burden on the applicant.  

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