11.05.010 Purpose.

City Code Section

(Amended by Ordinance 191030, effective November 11, 2022.) 

  1. A. The Tree Code is one of the implementation measures of the Urban Forest Plan. Together with education and other initiatives, these regulations protect the health, safety, and general welfare of the citizens of Portland and are consistent with other plans and policies of the City. In so doing, the appearance of the City is enhanced and important ecological, cultural, and economic resources are protected for the benefit of the City’s residents and visitors.
  2. B. Trees are a fundamental component of the City’s green infrastructure. The chapters within this Title address trees in both development and non-development situations and seek to enhance the quality of the urban forest and optimize the benefits that trees provide. Desired tree benefits include:
    1. 1. Providing oxygen and capturing air pollutants and carbon dioxide;
    2. 2. Maintaining slope stability and preventing erosion;
    3. 3. Filtering stormwater and reducing stormwater runoff;
    4. 4. Reducing energy demand and urban heat island through shading of buildings and impervious areas;
    5. 5. Providing visual screening and buffering from wind, storms and noise;
    6. 6. Sustaining habitat for birds and other wildlife;
    7. 7. Providing a source of food for wildlife and people;
    8. 8. Maintaining property values and the beauty, character and natural heritage of the City; and
    9. 9. Meeting the multi-purposed objectives of the Urban Forest Plan, including reaching and sustaining canopy targets for various urban land environments.