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10.30.040 Maintenance.

(Amended by Ordinance No. 179690, effective November 18, 2005.) The requirements of this Section apply to all permitted ground disturbing activities.

A. The responsible party shall maintain all erosion, sediment and pollutant control measures, temporary and permanent, in proper functioning order.

B. The responsible party shall inspect, maintain, adjust, repair, and replace erosion, sediment and pollutant control measures within 24 hours following a storm event to ensure that the measures are functioning properly.

C. During active ground disturbing activity, the responsible party shall inspect and maintain erosion, sediment and pollutant control measures daily between October 1 and April 30.

D. All inspections conducted by a responsible party in Subsections B. and C. above shall be noted in an inspection log indicating the date and time of the inspection. The inspection log shall be made available to the Director upon request.

E. All site public notification signs required by 10.30.020 shall be maintained to remain easily readable from the public right-of-way throughout the duration of the ground disturbing activity.

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