Chapter 1.04 Corporate Seal

City Code Chapter

1.04.010 Description.

(Amended by Ordinance 179441, effective August 3, 2005.) 

  1. The seal of the City shall be 1-3/4 inches in diameter and is described left to right as follows: Three-masted ship, sails partially unfurled; auxiliary steam stack with smoke extending to the left; river extends from the left side of the seal slightly beyond the lower center; central figure of a woman straight front with face profile looking out on river; right hand holding three (separate) pronged spear: left hand pointing towards fir forest with Mt. Hood in background: six-pointed star over head of figure: cog wheel and sledge hammer at lower right; sheaf of grain at the right of figure. On the outer rim shall be the words: "City of Portland, Oregon," and the figures "1851." The impression of such seal is shown in figure 1.

 Figure 1

Seal of the City of Portland, Oregon