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Ordinance Number 190093

Effective Date

Ordinance No. 190093 directive h. Amend Title 30, Affordable Housing Preservation and Portland Renter Protections, of the Municipal Code of the City of Portland, as shown in Exhibit B, Residential Infill Project, As-Amended Draft, dated July 2020 is in effective 8/1/2021.

Zoning Code Update Packet #196

Effective Date

Ordinance Number 190274

Effective Date

Ordinance No. 190274 code changes updated online code 3/1/2021.

Ordinance Number 190251

Effective Date

Ordinance No. 190251 code changes updated online code on 3/1/2021.

Ordinance Number 190243

Effective Date

Updated online 2/9/2021