Public Involvement Resources

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This section includes resources created by the City of Portland as well as external resources. Tools are aimed at assisting City of Portland public involvement staff in their work.

Historical Documents

City Budget, Community Engagement- PIAC Workgroup: The Public Involvement Advisory Council (PIAC) City Budget - Community Engagement - PIAC Workgroup was formed on May 22nd, 2019. The City of Portland introduced a new budget process for fiscal year 2019/2020. The purpose of the workgroup was to review the Public Involvement Budget Advisory Committee (BAC) process. Community engagement with the budgeting process is achieved through BACs. Council expects PIAC workgroup to produce a set of draft recommendations to increase and improve community engagement on the new budget process. These recommendations would inform Council at their work session in September 2019. Read the full report here:

The following documents are reflective of past PIAC work and are for historical reference.

Designing your PI Process

Equity and PI

Evaluating your PI Process

Resource List for Public Engagement

City's Public Involvement Principles

As PIAC’s first deliverable, in August 2010, City Council adopted public involvement principles developed by the PIAC. The principles represent a road map to guide government officials and staff in establishing consistent, effective, and high-quality public involvement across Portland’s City government. The principles are intended to set out what the public can expect from City government, while retaining flexibility in the way individual City bureaus carry out their work. This document continues to serve as a resource for City staff as well as a tool for community members seeking to leverage better public processes.