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At a firefighter training ground, a firefighter supervises two NET volunteers using fire extinguishers to put out a fire. The volunteers are wearing hi-visibility vests and hard hats.
Emergency preparedness training and resources for Portlanders!

During and after an emergency situation, neighbors can be a powerful source of help. In fact, after a disaster like an earthquake or fire most people are rescued by their neighbors, not firefighters or other emergency services. To tap into this powerful resource, we have Neighborhood Emergency Teams (NETs) made up of more than 2,000 Portlanders who have volunteered to be trained and provide help during emergencies.
NET volunteers receive 25+ hours of training from Portland Bureau of Emergency Management and Portland Fire & Rescue in basic emergency and rescue skills. NET volunteers can be deployed on many different types of assignments to help their communities. Not only can they help during a natural disaster, but they can also be asked to create a safe area around a fire or downed power line or perform welfare checks during extreme heat events. Many NET volunteers also provide first-aid at events and festivals, help at homeless shelters, and connect older adults and Disabled neighbors to vaccine appointments.
Everyone has a part to play in disaster response. One of the most important things you can do to help take care of yourself and others is to be prepared for a natural disaster. This means having a safety plan for your household and enough supplies to last you for two weeks while emergency services respond to the crisis.
How can you prepare for an emergency?

Organizing a neighborhood meeting or training to discuss emergency plans and personal safety is also a great way to build community. Many cities offer free resources, like the City of Portland’s Community Safety trainings, which help to start and host these important safety conversations and build resilience in our communities.