Inclusionary Housing Program

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Image description: An outdoor space in between apartment buildings. There are shaded seating areas made of metal and wood and green, grassy plants fill garden plots scattered around the space. End description.
The Portland Housing Bureau's Inclusionary Housing Program helps provide affordable housing for moderate and low-income households and is inviting public testimony on proposed changes for its Draft Permanent Rules.

The City of Portland has identified the need for at least 23,000 additional housing units to serve low and moderate-income households. The Portland Housing Bureau’s (PHB) Inclusionary Housing Program is designed to help meet this need, working to preserve economically diverse neighborhoods and housing affordability.
The program requires all residential buildings creating 20 or more new units to provide some of the new units at rents affordable to low and moderate-income households. This helps make sure that the people who help make Portland a great place to live can also share the benefits of development and growth.

PHB has published Draft Permanent Rules for the Inclusionary Housing Program and the public is invited to provide testimony on proposed changes before they are adopted. While PHB welcomes feedback about the program and administrative rules at any time, this public process is focused on the current proposed changes. Testimony on the draft permanent rules may be submitted via email, letter, or at the public hearing (details below). Please send in written feedback by July 22, 2022.

If you have questions or would like to request translation services at the public hearing, contact Translation requests must be submitted by July 14, 2022.