COVID-19 Risk Level for Multnomah County: High Risk


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A word is not just a word. It becomes a belief. Call it COVID.

In March 2020, the Portland-based creative agency, Wieden + Kennedy’s Asian American affinity group made and shared a powerful video message conveying how Asians were being affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and rhetoric around it.

As violent Anti-Asian hate crimes continue to escalate, the video resurfaced. This 2021 video version was updated to reflect the only thing that has changed since 2020--the increasing number of hate crime cases reported. Watch the Call It COVID video.

If you are interested in learning skills that will help create a more inclusive and supportive Portland, here are two no-cost workshops currently available:

The Trauma of Anti-Immigrant Hate

As part of Civic Life's Constructing Civic Dialogues program, Neighbors West-Northwest, Friendly House, and Portland United Against Hate is hosting a workshop "The Trauma of Anti-Immigrant Hate: Impact and Intervention from a Trauma-Informed Perspective". This no-cost workshop will address how hate incidents impact the immigrant and refugee communities and explore trauma-informed interventions. This workshop explores challenges to transitional processes from cycles of victimization to cycles of healing that may result in greater social alienation and marginalization if unaddressed. The workshop is on Wednesday, April 28 from 5 to 7 p.m and requires pre-registration here.

Calling In: Approaching Equity with Empathy

Join Neighbors West-Northwest for the workshop "Calling In: Approaching Equity With Empathy". Learn to develop intervention skills to make a lasting impact in your community. This workshop is on on Thursday, April 29 from 5 to 7 p.m. and requires pre-registration here.