Southwest Community Services

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Civic Life is pleased to provide support to neighborhood associations and other community groups promoting the common good in Southwest.
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Land Use & Transportation

Civic Life Southwest Land Use & Transportation Forum is held several times a year. The agenda varies to include projects and items of interest that impact Southwest. Agency representatives are on hand to share updates, answer questions and listen to feedback. Connect and collaborate with land use and transportation advocates. Learn more at the link below.

SW Land Use & Transportation Forum


Civic Life administers a contract with East Portland Neighbors to provide liability insurance coverage for neighborhood associations and other qualifying community groups.

Communications Infrastructure

Civic Life's communications infrastructure informs and engages community. It connects neighborhood associations and neighbors to City resources, events and grant opportunities.

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A page for each neighborhood is published on the City's website. Neighborhood boundaries, contact information and calendar events display on these pages, found at the link below. Technical assistance is available to neighborhood associations wanting to improve their communications.

Neighborhood pages for Southwest

Community Activities Fund

Civic Life offers expense reimbursements through the Community Activities Fund program and when the budget allows, a Small Grants program for the entire Southwest community. Sign up for the Civic Life Southwest newsletter to receive program announcements.

Eligible volunteer-led organizations are invited to apply for reimbursement of community-building and civic engagement activities. Applications will be accepted September 1, 2022 through May 31, 2023 or until the CAF funds are fully allocated, whichever comes first. This is a reimbursement program for activities occurring between June 1, 2022 and May 31, 2023. Submit an application to receive approval of planned expenses. After the expenses are incurred, submit receipts to receive reimbursement.


Neighborhood association contact information maintained by Civic Life is used to facilitate ongoing communication with City bureaus. View neighborhood association contacts on the neighborhood pages.

Equitable and Fair Support

Southwest has the support of Civic Life staff that continue to build an equitable and fair process for delivering service. Leah Fisher and Sharon Keast are available to attend neighborhood association meetings and meet with boards to answer questions and collect feedback on priorities. Contact these coordinators directly, and the entire Civic Life team that can be reached at

Memo: SW Community Services Update 

Civic Life has received several inquiries about how you are to engage with the former contractor, Southwest Neighborhoods, Inc. (SWNI). We appreciate your request for clearer guidance. Please read attached memo for clarification.