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Civic Life is pleased to provide support to neighborhoods in the Southwest district.
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Southwest Neighborhood Support

City of Portland’s Office of Community & Civic Life (Civic Life) provides assistance to neighborhood associations in the Southwest district. This district includes 16 neighborhoods; Arnold Creek, Ashcreek, Bridlemile, Collins View, Crestwood, Far Southwest, Hayhurst, Hillsdale, Homestead, Maplewood, Markham, Marshall Park, Multnomah, South Burlingame, South Portland and West Portland Park. Contact Southwest coordinators Leah Fisher and Sharon Keast to connect with resources.

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Here are the priorities the Southwest coordinators are addressing:

1. Connect with Southwest neighborhoods: The two new coordinators will begin attending regularly scheduled SW neighborhood association meetings. To start, the coordinators may be hosting one-on-one sessions with each neighborhood associations.

UPDATE: Southwest coordinators have reached out to the neighborhood associations in Southwest to introduce themselves, collect feedback on needs and priorities, and connect neighborhood groups with resources.

2. Insurance coverage: Civic Life will launch a public request for proposals and select a qualified nonprofit organization to provide liability insurance coverage for Southwest neighborhoods by mid-summer.

3. Build a communications infrastructure for Southwest neighborhoods: One of the first priorities is to build the communications infrastructure to ensure neighborhood associations and neighbors are connected to City resources, events and grant opportunities. The SW coordinators will work with the Civic Life communications team and the Bureau of Technology Services to build a more user-friendly experience for neighborhood associations including a newsletter, website, events calendar and social media presence.

Update: Neighborhood association pages and 2022 meeting events have been added to the city's website. Find your neighborhood page: Neighborhoods |

4. Small grants & reimbursement mechanisms: Another important priority is to implement and administer the small grants and reimbursement initiatives for Southwest neighborhoods. The team will hold informational meetings, prior to the call for grant applications. Stay tuned for more details.

UPDATE: The grant program is no longer accepting applications. Sign up for the Civic Life Southwest newsletter using the link above to learn about the grants that were funded.

5. Assessment of needs and updating contact information: As neighborhood association elections have recently happened, Civic Life will begin to contact Southwest neighborhood associations to confirm contact information and help to facilitate ongoing communication with all City bureaus. Civic Life also plans to understand community needs and additional priorities to inform the work plan of the coordinators.

6. Inventorying & prioritizing work in Southwest neighborhoods: The District Coalition Office Supervisor Shuk Arifdjanov will work with the Southwest coordinators to build an equitable and fair process that will collect and respond to work requests.

Leah and Sharon are attending neighborhood association meetings to answer questions about the transition and work with boards to develop a work plan that addresses immediate and longer-term priorities. Southwest neighbors have the support of these dedicated Southwest staff members that can be contacted directly, and the entire Civic Life team that can be reached at

Memo: SW Community Services Update 

Civic Life has received several inquiries about how you are to engage with the former contractor, Southwest Neighborhoods, Inc. (SWNI). We appreciate your request for clearer guidance. Please read attached memo for clarification.