Southwest Land Use & Transportation Forum

Southwest Land Use and Transportation Forum

Southwest Land Use & Transportation Forum is for community members interested in learning more about land use and transportation-related projects, efforts, history and funding that affects SW Portland. It is an opportunity to network with neighbors and volunteers on this topic, hear from experts and local advocates, and increase your ability to understand and navigate city systems as it relates to land use & transportation.

This forum occurs every other month – in odd numbered months on the 4th Monday of the month from 7-8:30pm. Meeting dates may temporarily change due to speaker or co-host availability, so please sign up to receive the our newsletter with specific details about each meeting. 

If you have an idea or suggestion for an agenda, we welcome agenda suggestions any time – please email with suggestions or ideas. We hope you will join us virtually starting in September! Register on zoom in advance of the meeting.

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September 2022 Agenda – Special Event: Let’s talk Trees!

For our September meeting we will partner with North and East Portland city offices to host a city-wide virtual session focused on trees – their benefits, the tree code, trees in the right-of-way, nonprofits who are working to increase our tree canopy, how trees support the city’s climate goals and more!  Stay tuned for more information.

July 2022 – No Meeting

June 23, 2022 Agenda – Special Event: Portland in the Streets Information Forum

In lieu of a July Land Use & Transportation meeting, SW Community Services hosted a city-wide informational forum to learn more about how Portlanders can get active in their streets this summer. The informational session focused on Portland Bureau of Transportation’s Portland in the Streets programming and Community Safety’s Party on, Portland! (POP). Which includes, opportunities for block partiers, free park permits, placemaking projects, and other opportunities to activate your block, neighborhood, or community outside this summer. See recording here.

May 17, 2022 Agenda – Regular Meeting

7:00pm - Welcome, Introductions & Announcements

7:15pm - West Town Center Project

Project Background. The West Portland Town Center (WPTC) Plan will lay out a vision for a healthy, connected, and multi-cultural town center and includes an action plan to meet the diverse needs of current and future residents and businesses. The Proposed Draft of the WPTC Plan has been available for public review. Learn more in the online Proposed Draft Overview, the Map App interactive tool, or by watching the video of the August 10 staff briefing to the Planning and Sustainability Commission (PSC). 

June 14, the PSC will continue its deliberation of the WPTC Plan Proposed Draft . Video and meeting materials for the work session will be available for review on the June 14 events page.

Purpose of Agenda Item. Learn about this large planning effort happening in SW Portland, ask clarifying questions if desired.

Presenter. Joan Frederiksen, Bureau of Planning and Sustainability and SW District Liaison

7:45pm - Land Use & Transportation Resources, Tools, and Funding

Skill Share Overview. Are you a community volunteer, neighborhood association chair, or generally interested in land use and transportation projects and activity in Portland? Do you work with neighbors, neighborhood associations, and other community groups to understand and navigate the land use and transportation systems in Portland that impact community livability? This session is focused on sharing resources, tools, and funding opportunities that will make your efforts easier and more effective. This session will cover the following: 
- Online information like Portland Maps, the Portland map app, Next Portland and where to find information about city notices for new development and demolitions. 
- Advocacy 101 basics for effective land use and transportation advocacy. 
- Funding sources for land use and transportation projects and education efforts. Funding such as Metro's Regional Flexible Funding AllocationSafe Routes to Schools, and other placemaking and transportation safety funding.  

Community members are encourage to bring ideas, questions, and information to share on this topic. This will be an informal, but informative time where we can share resources and tools with our neighbors. 
Purpose of Agenda Item. Build volunteer skills and knowledge of land use and transportation advocacy and information sharing in their community. 
Presenter. Leah Fisher, Office of Community & Civic Life, participants sharing as desired.

March 15, 2022 Agenda – Regular Meeting

7:15pm - Rose Lane Project, SW Capitol Hwy

Project Background. The Rose Lane Project is city-wide vision which includes dozens of project across Portland which give buses and streetcars priority on the road, helping more Portlanders get where they need to go more reliably and quickly. It also addresses our climate crisis and strives for greater equity in our transit system. The Rose Lane Project grew out of recommendations in the city’s Enhanced Transit Corridors Plan, adopted by city council in June 2018. Lean more about the history, completed projects, and future projects here.

Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) is in process of planning and developing a project along SW Capitol Hwy between Terwilliger and Bertha. Through the Rose Lane Project, the Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) will help improve bus speed and reliability on SW Capitol Highway, benefitting lines 39, 44, 45, 54, 55, 56, 61, 64 and 92. Learn more about the SW Capitol Hwy project here.

Purpose of Agenda Item. Learn about this project and ask clarifying questions.

Presenter. Nick Falbo, Senior Transportation Planner, Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT).

7:40pm - Residential Infill Project 2

Project Background. Following up on the work of the Residential Infill Project (RIP1), which was adopted in August 2020, this project will extend the housing options of RIP1 to all single dwelling zones by adding middle housing types in the low density R10 and R20 zones – these zoning types exist in many parts of Southwest Portland and changes will impact what property owners can do with their property under these zoning updates.

 RIP2 will bring the City into compliance with the State of Oregon’s middle housing rules by adding provisions for cottage clusters and attached houses in all the single dwelling zones that were not included in RIP1. RIP2 will also bring the City into compliance with the State’s new middle housing land division rules by creating a new streamlined procedure for dividing the housing units onto their own lots.

Purpose of Agenda Item: Bureau of Planning and Sustainability staff will provide an overview of state legislative middle housing mandates and present the Planning and Sustainability Commission’s recommendation for RIP2 to City Council.

Presenter. Morgan Tracy, Bureau of Planning and Sustainability (BPS)[FL1] 


Leah Fisher