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An aerial photo showing the nick fish building in gateway discovery park.
We work with grassroots organizations and community building projects that engage residents in East Portland.
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Attend a Neighborhood Association Meeting

Check the Neighborhood Program's event calendar to find upcoming neighborhood association meetings.

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Neighborhood Association Resources

Standards, Templates, and Notices

Grant Funding Opportunities

There are several opportunities to receive funding for your neighborhood association, community group, or projects in the East Portland area.

Small Grants and Sponsorships

Civic Life offers funding for eligible volunteer-led organizations through the Small Grants and Sponsorships program.

Small Grants and Sponsorships Application

East Portland Actions Plan Grants

Learn more and apply!

Community Activities Funds

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Community Resources

In this resources section, you'll find materials to aid in your community group organizing, group building tools, and access to information resources from the City of Portland. If you need something and are unable to locate it here, please call Civic Life at 503-823-4519 or call PDX 3-1-1.

Meeting and Event Spaces

EPCO has an office space in the Nick Fish Building at 10540 NE Halsey St, in East Portland. The meeting space seats 10 people and is now available by appointment for community meetings and events.


Civic Life administers a contract with East Portland Neighbors to provide liability insurance coverage for neighborhood associations and other qualifying community groups.

Communications Infrastructure

Visit the Neighborhood Program webpage to find boundaries, contact information, construction projects and events. Technical assistance is available to neighborhood associations wanting to improve their communications.

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About EPCO

A map showing the neighborhoods that make up East Portland: Parkrose, Argay, Wilkes, Parkrose Heights, Russell, Woodland Park, Hazelwood, Mill Park, Glenfair, Centennial, Powellhurst-Gilbert, Lents, Pleasant Valley.

Mailing Address:
10540 NE Halsey St. Portland, OR 97220

Office, by Appointment:
The Nick Fish building, 10540 NE Halsey St.

The East Portland Community Office (EPCO) is one of seven DCOs that provide community building and civic engagement support to our Portland communities. Our service area covers the part of Portland east of 82nd  Avenue/I-205 and includes about 25% of Portland’s population. EPCO is a community-driven program, supporting community members with their civic engagement and advocacy activities.

What We Do:

EPCO serves as a hub for neighborhoods and community groups in East Portland that are independent and volunteer-led, and which focus on community-building, civic engagement, and advocacy. EPCO supports Portlanders by:

  • Connecting ‐ Building networks, making introductions, coordinating intersections; 
  • Project assistance ‐ Outreach, planning, grant writing, support to help projects flourish;  
  • Skill‐building - Trainings, workshops, one‐on‐one support;
  • Information and Referral ‐ What can we do about potholes? Can I cut down this tree? We'll help get answers; 
  • Fostering collaboration ‐ Cross‐organizational work on projects and advocacy on public policy.  

Our Mission, Values, and Goals:


The Mission of the East Portland Community Office is to support the community building and advocacy activities of the diverse communities that live, work, play and gather in East Portland.


Our program is actively evolving and showing what collaborative, inclusive, and equitable support of community-driven efforts can look like.

We acknowledge that:

  • Community building and advocacy look different in different communities.
  • People will work with EPCO in ways that are meaningful to them and when the programming is relevant to them.
  • We invite people to work with EPCO in ways that are meaningful to them; let them define their own issues, set their own activities, and use organizing models and structures that work for their communities.


Increase the number of community partnerships to:

  1. Increase the number and diversity of people involved in their community;
  2. Strengthen community capacity to engage civically and;
  3. Increase community impact on public decision-making.

Equitable and Fair Support

East Portland has the support of Civic Life staff that continue to build an equitable and fair process for delivering service. Staff is available to attend neighborhood association meetings and meet with boards to answer questions and collect feedback on priorities. You can contact the coordinator directly or email EPCO@PortlandOregon.gov.


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