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About Neighborhood District Support

Image shows the front of the East Portland Community Office building.
Neighborhood District Offices collaborate with community to strengthen neighborhood advocacy and activities.
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*Pictured above: The District Coalition Office East Portland Neighborhood Office (EPCO)

What Are Neighborhood District Support Offices?

Neighborhood District Offices (sometimes referred to as District Coalition Offices) collaborate with community to strengthen neighborhood advocacy and activities by providing insurance for events, fiscal sponsorship, technical administrative services, and organizational support. 

Currently, four teams are staffed by independent nonprofit organizations and three are staffed by the Office of Community & Civic Life.

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Neighborhood Boundaries

View neighborhood boundaries and their corresponding coalition offices/service teams:

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Contact Information 

Central Northeast Neighbors

4415 NE 87th, Portland, Or. 97220


Central Northeast Neighbors Website 

East Portland Community Office (EPCO)

1120 SW 5th Avenue, Suite 114 Portland, OR 97204


EPCO Website

Neighbors West/Northwest (NW/NW)

2257 NW Raleigh, Portland, Or. 97210


NWNW Website

Northeast Coalition of Neighborhoods (NECN)

4815 NE 7th Ave, Portland, Or. 97211


NECN Website

North Portland Neighborhood Services (NPNS)

2209 N Schofield, Floor 2, Portland, Or. 97217

503-823-8877 or 503-823-8836

NPNS Website

Southeast Uplift Neighborhood Coalition (SE Uplift)

3534 SE Main, Portland, Or. 97214


SE Uplift Website

Southwest Community Services

1120 SW 5th Avenue, Suite 114 Portland, OR 97204

Southwest Community Services Website


ONI Standards: Rules governing Portland’s Neighborhood and Business Association system

Code 3.96: The framework by which the people of the City of Portland may effectively participate in civic affairs and work to improve the livability and character of their Neighborhoods and the City.  This Chapter sets out the basis for City recognition of Neighborhood Associations, District Coalitions, and the responsibilities and benefits accruing thereto.