COVID-19 Risk Level for Multnomah County: High Risk

Temporary Liquor Sales License Refunds during COVID-19

November 18, 2020 (Updated)

City of Portland Liquor Licensing Program policy on Temporary Sales License refunds during the COVID-19 State of Emergency in Oregon

The City of Portland does not issue refunds for unused Temporary Sales Licenses (TSL); however, if a TSL goes unused because an event is postponed for reasons related to the COVID-19 State of Emergency, the City of Portland will waive the TSL processing fee ($35) for the rescheduled event.

Requirements for waiver of TSL processing fee for rescheduled events:

  • TSL related event must have been canceled due to COVID-19 State of Emergency restrictions,
  • Rescheduled TSL relate event must occur before Dec 31, 2021,
  • Rescheduled event must be the same event as original event (change of date is only acceptable change),
  • Applicant must submit new TSL application for rescheduled event. Application must be received by City of Portland 14 days in advance of rescheduled event,
  • Applicant must contact City of Portland liquor licensing staff via email at liquor@portlandoregon.gov to request the waiver of TSL processing fee,

Liquor Licensing staff reserve the right to charge a standard TSL processing fee for rescheduled events if there are extenuating circumstances.

City of Portland will not issue refunds of unused TSLs for events canceled due to COVID-19 or other circumstances.

Questions? Contact the Liquor Licensing Program at liquor@portlandoregon.gov.