Temporary Sales License refunds during COVID-19

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This is the City of Portland Liquor Licensing Program policy on Temporary Sales License refunds during the
COVID-19 State of Emergency in Oregon.


The City of Portland does not issue refunds for unused Temporary Sales Licenses (TSL). However, in response to the COVID-19 State of Emergency in Oregon, the City of Portland Liquor Licensing Program will allow for a temporary fee waiver under the following circumstances.

If a TSL goes unused because an event is postponed for reasons related to the COVID-19 State of Emergency, the City of Portland will waive the TSL processing fee ($35) to reschedule the event. Stipulations include:

  • Rescheduled event must be in the same calendar year as the original event
  • New TSL application must be received 14 days in advance of a rescheduled event
  • Rescheduled event must be the same event as the original event (change of date is the only acceptable change)
  • Waiver of the processing fee for the rescheduled event must be requested by the applicant and coordinated with the Liquor Licensing staff
  • If requested by Liquor Licensing staff, applicant must be able to demonstrate the TSL was unused because event was postponed specifically due to COVID-19

Liquor Licensing staff reserve the right to charge a standard TSL processing fee for rescheduled events if there are extenuating circumstances. For example, a fee may apply if the waiver request is applied to more than 10 applicants of one event or more than 10 events of the same applicant, the waiver request is overly burdensome on staff capacity, or if there is a lack of evidence that the event was canceled because of COVID-19.

City of Portland will not issue refunds of unused TSLs for events canceled due to COVID-19 or other circumstances.

Please call the Liquor Licensing Program with any questions


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