About the New Portlanders Policy Commission

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New Portland Policy Commission (NPPC) serves as a bridge between Portland's immigrant and refugee communities and Portland City government. 
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About the New Portlanders Policy Commission

Formed in 2016 through City Ordinance 187805, the NPPC works to integrate immigrant and refugee communities’ voices into the City of Portland's policies and decision-making. NPPC members are immigrants, refugees, community advocates, and live, work, play, or pray in the City of Portland.

The NPPC supports the City by:

  • Reviewing and updating recommendations on immigrant and refugee policies and practices;
  • Developing policy recommendations for improving immigrant and refugee integration;
  • Providing expert support and technical advice to City Council and City bureaus; and
  • Giving support and technical advice to partnering schools, local governments, state, and federal agencies in creating immigrant and refugee policies and practices.

The Office of Community & Civic Life provides staff support to NPPC members so they can advance their priorities. Civic Life staff also provides the council with guidance on how to best connect with City Council and other City bureaus.

Commission Responsibilities

The NPPC consists of up to 25 individuals from Portland's newcomer and ethnic minority communities; the members are of all races, ethnicities, faiths, generations, genders, gender identities, sexual orientation, abilities and disabilities, and economic statuses. Each member provides knowledge in resettlement and integration, community organizing and advocacy, civic engagement, education, public safety, and health. 

Members serve renewable 3 year terms (terms may not exceed eight years of total continuous service) and are expected to:

  • Receive training on ethical and effective service to Portland residents and to the City of Portland, and maintain these standards of conduct;
  • Advocate for the positive integration of all immigrant and refugee Portlanders;
  • Prepare and actively participate in quarterly Commission meetings;
  • Contribute their expertise to at least one working committee;
  • Represent the New Portlanders Policy Commissionbefore City Council; and
  • Represent New Portlander communities’ policy interests upon request of the Multnomah County Board of Commissioners, the State of Oregon Legislative Assembly, and Oregon delegates of the United States Congress.


Marco Mejía

Community Engagement Program Coordinator