How to Report Graffiti

Unauthorized graffiti on a storefront door

Graffiti Complaints

Civic Life's Graffiti Program operates as the main intake for all city-related graffiti complaints. Portland remains one of the few large cities that have a free graffiti removal program. Other sister cities like Seattle and San Francisco do not offer free graffiti removal programs, as asset owners are responsible for their own graffiti removal efforts.

Once our office receives a complaint, we determine if the graffiti tag falls within our program's scope of work, or if it belongs to another asset owner for a resolution. If the complaint does not fall within our scope, we refer the complaint to the appropriate asset manager or jurisdiction for a resolution.

If the tag falls within our criteria (small business, small residential complex, non-profit organization or includes hate or gang speech), we'll then seek permission from the asset owner before dispatching our graffiti removal contractor(s) to perform the clean-up work. 

Please see image below for further details on this process.

A diagram that shows how graffiti complaints are handled.

How to Report Graffiti

There are multiple ways to report graffiti.

Please note that the City of Portland is currently experiencing a high volume of requests for graffiti removal. As a result of this high demand, our response time may be delayed. Thank you for your patience.

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Graffiti Program Coordinator