City Codes and Enforcement

Two volunteers painting over tagging on a public wall
The City of Portland's Graffiti Program provides resources for property owners to remove graffiti and enforces the Graffiti Abatement Nuisance Code for locations with a large amount of graffiti that the property owner has failed to remove.

Property Owner Resources:

Find information about abatement notices, commercial removal contractors, and other removal tips here.

Graffiti Codes:

City Code 14B.80 – Graffiti Nuisance Property: This code holds property owners responsible for failing to remove a large amount of graffiti from their property in a reasonable amount of time.

City Code 14B.85 – Graffiti Materials and Sales: This code helps control access to spray paint and other graffiti materials and creates a record of such sales to prevent unauthorized graffiti tagging.

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Graffiti Program Coordinator