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Constructing Civic Dialogues: Dis/Rep 2023: Holding Us Together

Classes and Activities
This free training is made possible by Office of Community & Civic Life's Constructing Civic Dialogues.
12:00 pm 1:00 pm

What is cross-Disability solidarity? And how do we make accessible culture and gathering spaces? Join us in a 6-week relaxed virtual space with asynchronous options to discuss ways cross-Disability communities collaboratively hold accessible gathering and cultural spaces.

Each two-hour session will feature an embodiment warm up led by a Disabled artist, a short text to be read aloud, and group discussions to reflect on the reading. Each session covers different material and you may join as many as you want, or just access recordings to participate. We will also invite each participant to use their own personal bodymind experience of Disabling circumstances as a primary source of information. This is an anti-ableist, anti-racist, queer- and trans-positive space centering the needs and voices of multiply-marginalized Disabled folks, and is open to all.

Dis/Rep 2023 is co-produced by The Curiosity ParadoxCalling Up Justice, and Catalyst Consulting Associates

Register for June 4 event here.