Portland Data Map Tool

a map of Portland with charts on the right showing data for the entire City population
This map tool allows users to explore socio-economic data across neighborhoods and districts in Portland.

Civic Life worked with Portland State University's Population Research Center to build neighborhood profiles for each of Portland’s 94 neighborhoods that provide demographic data like food and housing security, population, income, and more. This interactive mapping tool shows users that data as a visual and provides charts helping compare data across the city.

View the Interactive Map

Here is a guide for how to use the mapping tool:

This resource will help the City and community partners improve outreach, set programmatic priorities, help Portlanders in need and become more inclusive and equitable when making decisions about communications, programming, funding, and events. It will also help to sharpen our understanding of the unique changes and issues occurring within each neighborhood.

View the Neighborhood Profiles

Want to dig deeper into the data? You can find a report containing all of the profiles and a spreadsheet for the entire dataset on PSU's website.

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