Constructing Civic Dialogues Grant

Photo of a large group sitting in a circle. One member stands and talks in a microphone while another draws interpretations of the conversation on a large white paper.
Constructing Civic Dialogues builds support for groups who provide free communication, mediation, and facilitation training services to Portland community members.
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Constructing Civic Dialogues builds support for groups who provide free communication, mediation, and facilitation training services to Portland community members. These services offer third-party support in discussing challenging topics and have played a role in diverting matters that might needlessly involve police intervention. Grantees offer culturally responsive, community led, multilingual, and community-specific training and services at no cost to the public.

Projects include but are not limited to:

  • Training in reflective listening, de-escalation, non-violent communication, facilitation, Disability justice community dialogue, community organizing, transformative justice, restorative justice, civic engagement and anti-racism work;
  • Offering community conflict mediation services;
  • Providing collaborative decision-making and problem-solving services for communities experiencing conflict and impacted by racism; and
  • Providing public dialogue, experiences, and interactive learning opportunities that build common understanding from unique perspectives.

As we re-imagine new strategies to address conflict resolution, racism and community safety that move beyond community policing, we recognize the need for opportunities for participants to develop foundational skills of their own around community conflict resolution and communication. The Constructing Civic Dialogues Program is a concrete way for the City of Portland to channel multi-year financial resources to groups doing this community-based work.  


The grant application deadline is now closed. Please check back for future opportunities. Please direct any questions you may have to or 503-823-4519

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