About the Bureau Advisory Committee

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About the Bureau Advisory Committee

The Bureau Advisory Committee (BAC) is a City of Portland advisory body and was re-established in 2018 to provide independent guidance to the Office of Community & Civic Life. The committee is made up of 9-13 local community members who have diverse backgrounds, experiences, viewpoints, and skills. During their terms, committee members attend and participate in meetings, study local issues, and give input to the director of Civic Life. 

BAC committee members offer advice and frame strategic choices, their roles include:  

  1. Providing guidance to the Civic Life director and leadership team on the effective use of resources as it relates to the bureau's overall strategic aim and racial equity plan; 

  1. Reviewing bureau goals, program priorities, and spending; 

  1. Informing participation in Civic Life's annual budget process; and 

  1. Acting as an ambassador for the bureau and for the city. 

Bureau Advisory Committee Members

Manijeh Mehrnoosh

José Gómez

Tracy Zhen

Shana Koalska

Christina Weinholz

Nanci Champlin

Francis Kham

Mary Jaron Kelley