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Resources for Current Advisory Body Members

This page contains resources and forms for current advisory body members. Please feel free to contact us if you do not see a resource or particular form you are looking for.
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Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form

Members of an advisory body are required to fill out this form. Conflicts of interest are required to be disclosed when applying to a committee, and at each meeting a new conflict of interest emerges for a volunteer. If you are a volunteer of an advisory body and the staff liaison has not asked you for this form, please contact the Advisory Bodies program and we will provide them for you and the liaison.

Exit Interview Form

This form is intended to be filled out during an exit interview when an advisory body member leaves their position.

Guidance for Minority Reports

Check out these guidelines for submitting a minority report. A minority opinion or “minority report” is the expression of disagreement with the majority decision that advisory bodies may submit to staff liaisons.

Maintaining Mental Wellness during COVID-19

Check out these tips from our Mental Health Program Specialist Tyesha McCool-Riley around how to maintain mental wellness during the pandemic.

Resources for City of Portland Staff

An Advisory Body must be in compliance with the new bylaws policy before recruiting members. It is important that bylaws are updated to bring all groups into compliance with State Laws around Public Meetings, Public Records, Public Officials and more. The Advisory Bodies Program has a template that has been pre-approved by the City Attorney's Office for the minimum requirements to compliance. Please visit this websiteto view templates and instructions.

If you are a staff liaison creating a new advisory body or leading changes or renewal of an existing advisory body, please visit this internal-only website for forms and templates.

If you are a staff liaison who has already submitted your approved, updated bylaws, pleasevisit this internal-only website for recruitment posting instructions.

Volunteer Resignation Form

This form should be billed by volunteers for bureau staff.

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