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List of Certified Advisory Bodies


This page contains a list of active advisory bodies and quasi-judiciary boards, that staff have submitted to Civic Life for inclusion. If you know of a group that should be listed, contact to include the advisory body on this list. 

  • Adjustment Committee reviews adjustment requests to the development standards of Title 33 [Planning and Zoning Regulations].

  • Alternative Technology Advisory Committee advises the Bureau of Development Services on emerging, sustainable building technologies.

  • Arts Education and Access Income Tax Citizen Oversight Committee monitors the investments and impact of the Arts Education & Access Fund.

  • BDS Budget Advisory Committee evaluates and makes recommendations regarding BDS' budget in light of City budget directions, Bureau's budget goals, and the needs of our customers and the community.

  • BDS Financial Advisory Committee reviews and provides feedback on the econometric forecasting models used to project bureau revenues and development activity in Portland.

  • BOEC User Board reviews policies and procedures relating to bureau's mission, and provides advice and counsel to the director and the bureau commissioner-in-charge.

  • BPS Budget Advisory Committee

  • Broadway Corridor Steering Committee advises on goals for the Broadway Corridor redevelopment project in the River District urban renewal area.

  • Building Code Board of Appeals hears appeals of building code issues which are appealed beyond the Administrative Appeals Board.

  • Business License Appeals Board hears and decides business license, business income tax and transient lodging tax appeals of decisions issued by the Bureau of Licenses.

  • Cannabis Policy Oversight Team makes recommendations about local cannabis regulations to the Office of Community & Civic Life.

  • CBO Budget Advisory Committee

  • Central City in Motion - Sounding Board

  • Citizen Review Committee monitors and advises Independent Police Review, hear appeals, and receive public concerns

  • Civic Life Bureau Advisory Committee recommends policy direction for the bureau and the city council, contribute to the presentation of a budget that is responsive to citizen need, and increase citizen access to the bureau budget process

  • Civil Service Board hears appeals of City actions involving employee discipline, job classifications and examinations.

  • Columbia Blvd Wastewater Treatment Plant Citizen Advisory Committee reviews and advises the City on treatment plant projects to ensure they are implemented in a way that serves the surrounding community.

  • Community Budget Advisory Board participates in City Council budget deliberations, advises Council regarding proposed amendments to the budget, and assists the Council in reviewing budget plans against results to date.

  • Community Involvement Committee new standing committee that reviews and advises the way City staff engage with the public in land use and transportation planning

  • Council for Economic and Racial Equity oversees the implementation and assess the progress of Prosper Portland’s Social Equity Policy.

  • Council of Economic Advisors advises on collective economic development and workforce development priorities.

  • Development Review Advisory Committee is a citizen advisory body, representing those with interests in the outcome of policies, budgets, regulations, and procedures that affect development review processes.

  • Electrical Code Board of Appeals hears appeals where an applicant is aggrieved by the findings of the Director.

  • Fair Contracting Forum provides focused feedback on issues, programs, and policies that relates to procurement and contracting.

  • Fair Housing Advocacy Committee plans local federal resources to affirmatively further fair housing and access to opportunity.

  • Fire Code Board of Appeals advises the City Council on concerns raised by property owners and developers seeking exceptions to the Fire Code.

  • Floating Structures Board of Appeal determines the suitability of alternate materials and construction for floating structures and hear and rule on appeals for floating structures.

  • Golf Advisory Committee advise the Commissioner in Charge and Director of Parks on Golf Program

  • Investment Advisory Committee advises the Commissioner In Charge, the Chief Administrative Officer of the Office Management and Finance, the City Council and the City Treasurer of the City on investment matters.

  • Mechanical Code Board of Appeals determines the suitability of alternate materials and types of construction and provides for reasonable interpretations of the provisions of the Mechanical Code.

  • Mitigation Action Plan Steering Committee monitors and advocates for implementation of the City's hazard mitigation action plan.

  • Mt Hood Cable Regulatory Commission advocates for public and community interests in the regulation and administration of cable television franchise agreements.

  • N/NE Community Development Initiative Oversight Committee

  • N/NE Neighborhood Housing Strategy Oversight Committee oversees the implementation of the Strategy, including the investment of the $20 million as well as the development of the associated programming and policies.

  • New Portlanders Policy Commission Mission is to adviseThe City of Portland is recruiting up to 25 individuals representing a broad spectrum of our newcomer and ethnic minority communities; immigrant & refugee service providers; including expertise in res the City on policies and practices

  • Noise Review Board Meets monthly to review major requests for noise variances and recommends Noise Code changes

  • NW Parking Stakeholder Advisory Committee advises on transportation programs, projects, and parking management in the NW District.

  • OGR Budget Advisory Committee advises the Office of Government Relations on budget decisions.

  • PBEM Budget Advisory Committee helps the bureau set priorities for its budget.

  • PBOT Bureau and Budget Advisory Committee provides advice and support to the Portland Bureau of Transportation

  • Plumbing Code Board of Appeals determines suitability of alternate plumbing methods and materials.

  • Portland Bicycle Advisory Committee advises on all maters relating to the use of the bicycle as a means of transportation and recreation.

  • Portland Children's Levy Allocation Committee approves funding decisions for investments in proven programs throughout the city in early childhood, after school, mentoring, child abuse prevention/intervention, foster care and hunger relief.

  • Portland Clean Energy Fund a city grant program for clean energy and job training projects

  • Portland Commission on Disability

  • Portland Design Commission provides leadership and expertise on urban design and architecture and on maintaining and enhancing Portland’s historical and architectural heritage.

  • Portland Freight Advisory Committee advises on matters relating to the multi-modal freight network.

  • Portland Historic Landmarks Commission provides leadership and expertise on maintaining and enhancing Portland's historic and architectural heritage.

  • Portland Housing Advisory Commission advises elected officials on policy pertaining to housing policy, strategy, and resources in the City of Portland.

  • Portland Housing Bond Oversight Committee monitors progress, reviews finances, and holds the City accountable to the community-created plans and values the City have committed to uphold.

  • Portland Human Rights Commission seeks to eliminate discrimination and bigotry in the City of Portland.

  • Portland Parks & Recreation Board ensure the vision and recommendations of the Parks 2020 Vision and other PP&R strategic initiatives adopted by the City Council

  • Portland Pedestrian Advisory Committee advocates for the needs of pedestrians.

  • Portland Planning and Sustainability Commission Formed in 2010, the Planning and Sustainability Commission (PSC) has specific responsibility for the stewardship, development and maintenance of the City's Comprehensive Plan, Climate Action Plan and Zoning Code. By holding public hearings and discussing issues and proposals, the PSC develops recommendations to share with City Council in hopes of creating a more prosperous, educated, healthy and equitable city.

  • Portland Utility Board advises the City Council, on behalf of and for the benefit of the citizens of Portland, on water, sewer, stormwater, and solid waste financial plans and rates.

  • Private-for-Hire Transportation Advisory Committee (Taxis, Town Cars, Shuttles, Specially Assisted Transportation, Pedicabs and Limousines) advises the Bureau on matters relating to the for-hire transportation industry, approves administrative rules, regulates fuel surcharges, recommends approval or denial of company and vehicle permits.

  • Prosper Portland Board of Commissioners brings together community resources to achieve Portland's vision of a vital economy with healthy neighborhoods and quality jobs for all residents.

  • Public Campaign Finance Commission seeks to reduce the influence of money in politics, enable Portlanders without wealthy networks to run for and win elected office, and ensure that the City of Portland is reflective of and accountable to all Portlanders.

  • Public Involvement Advisory Council develops policy proposals to strengthen and institutionalize the City's commitment to public involvement.

  • Rental Services Commission serves as the primary public forum for discussion of rental housing law and regulation, and renter-owner programs and services.

  • River Community Advisory Committee

  • Structural Engineering Advisory Board advises the Director and/or the Appeals Board in structural matters relative to reasonable interpretation and to alternate materials and methods of construction.

  • Towing Board of Review oversees the performance of all parties contracting with the City for towing or dispatching service, and hears and investigates citizen complaints regarding the City's towing contracts.

  • Tryon Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant Community Advisory Committee reviews plans and advises staff on capital development projects concerning the Tryon Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant.

  • Urban Forestry Commission mission is to improve Portland's urban forest in terms of overall canopy, forest health and benefits provided by the forest.

  • URM Policy Committee

  • Vision Zero Task Force provides direction to the City and its partners to guide implementation of the Vision Zero Action Plan.

Promote the Common Good: Civic Life is building stronger communities by supporting and empowering Portlanders. We think, act, and partner with our communities to better understand and take care of their diverse needs. We invite you to join us in this continuous, much needed work to make our communities safer and more welcoming for all.