Most City offices closed Wednesday, June 19, to observe Juneteenth

The City of Portland recognizes Juneteenth as a formal day of remembrance to honor Black American history and the end of slavery in the United States. Learn about Juneteenth.

Section 9-407 Sidewalk Improvements and Repairs; Duty of Owners.

City Charter Section

Sidewalks may be improved either as a part of a general street improvement or by separate proceedings. The Council may determine the grade and width of all sidewalks, materials to be used and specifications for construction. It is the duty of all owners of land abutting any street in the City to construct, reconstruct and maintain in good repair the adjoining sidewalks. If the owner of any parcel of land allows an adjoining sidewalk to be out of repair, the City Engineer shall post notice on the property directing the owner, agent or occupant thereof immediately to repair it in accordance with City specifications. If the owner, agent or occupant of any parcel of land does not properly make the sidewalk repairs within the time designated in the notice, the City Engineer may make the repairs, keeping an account of the cost and reporting it to the Council with description of the parcel of land abutting the repaired sidewalk. The Council has the same general authority and supervision over sidewalk repairs as over street improvements. If the Council finds the costs reported by the City Engineer to be reasonable, it shall approve them and thereafter, at least once a year, by ordinance assess upon each of the parcels of land abutting repaired sidewalks, the cost of making the repairs with an additional overhead charge to defray the cost of notice, engineering and advertising. All such assessments may be combined in one assessment roll and they shall be entered in the docket of City liens and collected in the same manner as are other local improvement assessments. [New sec. Nov. 8, 1966; am. Nov. 3, 1992.]

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