Article 4 Civil Service Board

City Charter Article

Section 4-401 Civil Service Board.

There shall be a Civil Service Board consisting of three members appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by Council. The appointments shall ensure that the perspectives of labor, management and the general public are reflected. Members of the board shall act impartially. The Mayor may remove any Civil Service Commissioner at any time and shall within five days of the removal notify Council of the reasons for dismissal. The term of office of each member of the Board shall be three years with the term of one Board member expiring every year. Board members may be reappointed for up to two additional terms. Each member of the board shall be a resident of the City.

Section 4-402 The Duties of the Board.

The Board shall:

1. Review classification actions alleged by employees in the classified service to have been made without rational basis, contrary to law or rule or taken for political reason(s) and as necessary, remand back to the person responsible for the administration of personnel issues for further review and action.

2. Review suspension, demotion or discharge of permanent employees in the classified service when employees allege discipline was not for cause. If an employee's allegations are found to be correct, reinstatement may be ordered under terms and conditions as may be deemed appropriate by the Board.

3. Review appeals of candidates for appointment or promotion to positions within the classified service when applicants allege that rules promulgated under this Chapter were not followed, were contrary to law or made for political reasons. If the Board finds an allegation to be correct, it shall order such actions necessary to fulfill the purpose and principles of this Chapter.

4. An appeal to Board of any of the actions listed in this subsection must be filed with the Board, in writing, within 21 days of the action or decision being appealed.

5. On at least an annual basis, the Board shall review any administrative rules and policies being considered or adopted by City Council or other City officials concerning the duties of the Board as listed in this section, and provide input to City Council and the person responsible for the administration of personnel issues.

6. The Board shall meet at least quarterly and shall report annually to City Council on its activities for the prior year.

Section 4-403 Judicial Review.

The final decision of the Board or any appeal to the Board shall be subject to review by a court of competent jurisdiction in the manner provided by statute for review of quasi-judicial decisions of lower tribunals.

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