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Section 3-301 Contributions in City of Portland Candidate Elections

City Charter Section

(a)  An Individual or Entity may make Contributions only as specifically allowed to be received in this Article.

(b)  A Candidate or Candidate Committee may receive only the following Contributions during any Election Cycle:

(1)  Not more than five hundred dollars ($500) from an Individual or a Political Committee other than a Small Donor Committee;

(2)  Any amount from a qualified Small Donor Committee;

(3)  A loan balance of not more than five thousand dollars ($5,000) from the candidate;

(4)  No amount from any other Entity, except as provided in Section 3-304 below.

(c)  Individuals shall have the right to make Contributions by payroll deduction by any private or public employer upon the employer's agreement or if such deduction is available to the employees for any other purpose.

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