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Section 3-108 Independent District Commission.

City Charter Section

The authority to adopt plans that specify the boundaries of districts for the City Council is vested in the Independent District Commission. The Commission consists of thirteen (13) residents of the City who represent a diversity of race, gender, age and geography. Elected or appointed City officials and employees, and candidates for elected City office who have filed and been qualified to the ballot by the City Elections Office, are prohibited from serving on the Commission. 

The Mayor appoints members of the Commission, subject to confirmation by the City Council. The first Commission must be confirmed as soon as practicable but no later than January 31, 2023. Thereafter, the Commission must be confirmed by March 31 in every year ending in “1.” The Commission’s term ends upon adoption of a districting plan. 

The Commission may require bureaus and departments of the City to provide technical assistance. The Commission has a budget as provided by the City Council. [Section added November 8, 2022, effective December 14, 2022.]

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