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Section 2-513 Official Oaths and Certifications and Custodian of the City Seal.

City Charter Section

(a)  The Auditor, and each of the Auditor's deputies, are authorized to administer an oath and certify any acknowledgement authorized or required to be taken by City ordinance, or law of this State, and the Auditor may require any person presenting for settlement an account or claim of any kind against the City to be sworn before the Auditor regarding such account or claim, and when so sworn, to answer orally or in writing as to any facts relative to the merits or justice of such account or claim.

(b)  The Auditor shall cause the Auditor’s signature to be affixed to all warrants, contracts, bonds, and other official documents of the City as affirmation that the document and the action it represents have been duly authorized as required by this Charter and that the signatures of the other City officials on the document are true and duly authorized. 

(c)  The Auditor shall be the custodian of the City's seal.

[New Sec. May 18, 1994; recodified Section 2-509 May 16, 2017, effective June 14, 2017; amended by Ordinance No. 190204, effective December 18, 2020.]

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