COVID-19 Freeze for Multnomah County

The four-week (minimum) freeze is in effect through December 16th.

Section 2-507 Duties in General.

(a)  The Auditor is responsible for the following activities:

1.  Performing financial and performance audits of the City, including audits of its boards and commissions, franchises and contracts as provided in Section 2-508 of this Charter;

2.  Supervising City elections as provided by state law and Chapter 3 of this Charter;

3.  Maintaining all official records, including records of the various bureaus, records regarding the City Charter and City Code, and all other records regarding City business;

4.  Providing official certifications as required by this Charter;

5.  Investigating the actions of a City department, bureau or other administrative agency, and the official conduct of any City officer, employee or agent as provided in Section 2-509 of this Charter; and

6.  Other duties as prescribed by this Charter or as assigned by the Council with the consent of the Auditor. 

(b)  Subject to the Auditor's supervision, the Auditor may delegate any of these duties to other City officials or may contract with outside service providers. The Auditor shall remain responsible for performing the duties.  The Council shall provide staffing, funding, and facilities for the Auditor to carry out these duties.  [Ch. 1903, sec. 272; rev. 1914, sec. 68; 1928 pub., sec. 68; 1942 recod., sec. 2‑402; rev. Nov. 6, 1962; am. May, 20, 1986; am. May 18, 1994; amended and recodified Section 2-504 May 16, 2017, effective June 14, 2017]