Section 2-127 Consent Agenda.

City Charter Section

Notwithstanding the provisions of Sections 2-116, 2-117, and 2-120 of this Charter, the Council by rule may publish a procedure under which any ordinance, resolution or other action may be placed on a consent agenda. At any meeting at which there is a consent agenda on the calendar, the ayes and nays shall be taken upon the passage of all items on the consent agenda by a single Council vote. It shall not be necessary that there be a reading or readings of the titles or the effect of the items on a consent agenda or that time elapse between the introduction and final passage of the items. The unanimous vote of all members of the Council present, and of not less than four (4) members, shall be required to pass a consent agenda. All items to be contained in a consent agenda shall be so listed in the summary of matters to come before the Council prepared under Section 2-113 of this Charter. Items on a consent agenda shall not be subject to amendment or debate. Any item shall be removed from a consent agenda on the request of a Council member, or on the request of any person who wished to be heard on the item, provided the request is made prior to taking the ayes and nays on the consent agenda. An item so removed from a consent agenda shall be treated as a regular calendar item for the meeting for which it was on the consent agenda. [May 20, 1980.]

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