Section 2-124 Ordinances, Objections.

City Charter Section

At any time within ten (10) days after the passage of any ordinance which shall not take effect immediately, any member of the Council may file, in writing, objections to said ordinance, which shall be considered and voted upon by the Council at its next regular meeting. If a majority shall vote to sustain such objections, the ordinance shall be deemed repealed and shall not take effect unless again passed in the same manner as a new ordinance. If a majority shall vote not to sustain such objections, the same shall have no effect on the ordinance. The objections, together with the vote thereon, shall be preserved on record. [May 3, 1913, part of new sec. 29; rev. 1914, sec. 52; 1928 pub., sec. 52; 1942 recod., sec. 2-135; rev. Nov. 6, 1962.]

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