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Section 12-101 Parks and Recreational Areas and Facilities.

City Charter Section

The Council may establish parks, playgrounds, recreation areas and facilities of all kinds. For that purpose the Council may acquire by purchase, condemnation, gift, grant, donation, exchange or otherwise, real and personal property and any interest therein; may rent or lease property of any kind for public use; and may construct, reconstruct, remodel, alter, repair, maintain, improve and equip areas and facilities which the Council finds necessary, appropriate or desirable, either inside or outside the City. The Council may exchange any property for other property which it deems more suitable or convenient for park and recreation use, and may dispose of the property not needed for those purposes. The Council may establish exhibits and conduct programs for the education or the furtherance of public enjoyment and recreation, and may change, alter or discontinue them. The Council may construct, reconstruct, alter, remodel, furnish and equip improvements found necessary or appropriate for the convenience of the public using park and recreation facilities, or of persons or employees conducting or assisting park or recreational programs or maintaining parks, areas, facilities, or improvements. The Council may contract with any public or private person in any matter relating to services or programs. The Council may do all things it finds necessary or convenient to promote recreational facilities and aesthetic enjoyment of the people, and the beautification of City property. [May 19, 1950, new sec. 9-605; rev. Nov. 8, 1966.]

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