Section 11-104 Funds.

City Charter Section

After payment of expenses for issuance of water bonds, the proceeds shall be placed in the Water Construction Fund.

Money from the sale of water and charges related to water works or service shall be placed in the Water Fund. After deducting sinking fund requirements, operating expenses of the water works and plant and the Water Bureau, which may include depreciation on plant and property, and maintenance expense found necessary or appropriate, the Council may transfer any excess in the Water Fund to the Water Construction Fund.

The Council may make transfers between funds in the Water Bureau, but the funds and accounts of the Water Bureau relating to water plant and works shall be separate from other accounts and funds of the City and treated as a separate municipal operation. The Council may impose charges it finds equitable upon the operation of the water system for municipal services of other departments, bureaus and officers, and may impose fees of the same character as for public utilities. Otherwise, money in the Water Fund or the Water Construction Fund shall not be transferred to the General Fund of the City, nor to special funds unrelated to the water works, water system and the sinking funds for water bond debt service. [New sec. Nov. 8, 1966.]

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