Section 11-102 Administration.

City Charter Section

The City may employ personnel, contract for services and perform services under contract or otherwise, found necessary or convenient to carry out the powers granted in this Article. The Council may obtain materials and supplies and do any acts in the operation, maintenance, improvement and extension of City water works which the Council finds necessary or advantageous.

The Council may prescribe regulations relating to water supply, distribution and service, and may impose conditions, and require deposits or cost contributions for water main extensions and water distribution system. The Council may rent or lease equipment or facilities to or from others, and may sell or otherwise dispose of City property, facilities, supplies or equipment, as it finds convenient.

In the Bureau of Water, the Engineer in charge of the engineering staff, the person in charge of the business office, and the head of the Bureau shall not be subject to Civil Service requirements of this Charter. [New sec. Nov. 8, 1966.]

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