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Section 10-212 Written Acceptance.

Every grantee of any franchise, right or privilege shall within thirty (30) days after the ordinance granting the same shall be enforced, file with the City Recorder a written acceptance of the same, and a failure on the part of the grantee to file such written acceptance within the time specified shall be deemed an abandonment and rejection of the rights and privileges conferred, and the ordinance granting the same shall thereupon be null and void; such acceptance shall be unqualified and shall be construed to be an acceptance of all the terms, conditions and restrictions contained in the ordinance granting the same. [May 3, 1913, new sec. 76; rev. 1914, sec. 175; 1928 pub., sec. 175; 1942 recod., sec. 10-212; am. May 20, 1986.]