Section 1-106 Damage Claims, Insurance.

City Charter Section

Notice of and claims for damages arising out of the alleged torts of the City and those of its officers, employees and agents acting within the scope of their employment or duties, must be presented within the time prescribed by law.  The Council shall establish a Loss Reserve Fund and shall annually budget an amount sufficient to maintain such Fund on an actuarially sound basis.  The monies in such Fund may be invested and reinvested in the like manner with other City funds and the earnings from such investment and reinvestment shall be credited to the Fund.  Payments may be made from the Loss Reserve Fund to pay claims against the City, its officers, employees and agents, procure insurance against such liability, and pay costs related to the payment of claims including but not limited to payment of investigative, legal and administrative expenses.  In the event the Council shall deem it advantageous to procure insurance against claims, the existence of insurance shall be considered in determining the funding necessary to maintain the Loss Reserve Fund on an actuarially sound basis.  The Commissioner In Charge may negotiate, compromise and settle any claims and may authorize the payment of any claim in an amount not to exceed five thousand dollars ($5,000).  Payment exceeding five thousand dollars ($5,000) for any claim must be authorized by an ordinance.  [Ch.1903, sec. 9; rev. 1914, sec. 282; 1928 pub., sec. 282; 1942 recod., sec. 1‑111; rev. May 18, 1962; rev. Nov. 2, 1976; am. May 20, 1986; amended May 15, 2012, effective June 13, 2012.]

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