Changes to Charter, Code, and Policies

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Change Type Description Effective
Ordinance Number 191000 Code Change

Amend Erosion and Sediment Control Regulations Code for clarity, consistency, and ease of administration and adopt the enforcement fee schedule to add escalating fees for non-compliance (amend Code Title 10 and ENB 14.10)

Zoning Code Update Packet #202 Zoning Code Update

This Zoning Code is the result of the Fossil Fuels Terminal Zoning Code (Ord. No. 190978), effective at 11:59 p.m. on August 31, 2022, as well as minimal typo fixes.

Ordinance Number 190905 Code Change

Amend Evaluation of Applicants for Dwelling Units and Security Deposits; Pre-paid Rent Code and adopt the Portland Housing Bureau’s Rental Housing Security Deposits Permanent Administrative Rule (amend Code Sections 30.01.086 and 30.01.087)

Ordinance Number 190943 Code Change

Amend Marijuana Regulatory License Procedure and Requirements Code to align with Oregon Revised Statues, update zone changes, add electronic mail delivery, and make other minor process changes (amend Code Chapter 14B.130) 

Ordinance Number 190926 Code Change

Amend Property Tax Exemption for New Construction of Single-Unit Housing in Homebuyer Opportunity Areas Code to allow extension of construction timeline for properties receiving a property tax exemption under the Homebuyer Opportunity Limited Tax Exemption Program (amend Code Sections 3.102.020, 3.102.040, 3.102.050, and 3.102.090)

Ordinance Number 190812 Code Change

Amend City Auditor’s Independent Police Review Code to transfer the Independent Police Review from the Auditor to independent agency status reporting to City Council (amend Code Chapter 3.21)

Ordinance Number 190844 Code Change

Revise solid waste and recycling rates and fees for franchised residential collection and the commercial tonnage fee effective July 1, 2022 (amend Code Chapter 17.102)

Ordinance Number 190852 Code Change

Amend Police Review Board Code to change references to the Auditor’s Office and make other process changes (amend Code Section 3.20.140)

Zoning Code Update Packet #201 Zoning Code Update

This Zoning Code is the result of the Residential Infill Project - Part 2 (Ord. No. 190851), effective at 11:59 p.m. on June 30, 2022, as well as minimal typo fixes.

ARA-8.03 - Public Records Requests Policy Change

The Portland Police Bureau and the Bureau of Emergency Communications conducted time studies to evaluate their fees. Because of various efficiencies and process improvements, the bureaus are able to charge less for public records. The Auditor’s Office has determined it is in the public interest to promptly adopt updates to the Standard Fee Schedule related to Administrative Rule ARA 8.03 – Public Records Requests.

The Auditor’s Office adopts the following interim administrative rule, effective June 24, 2022, and for a period of not more than 180 days:


City Charter Section 2-506(a) authorizes the Auditor to adopt interim rules without prior notice when finding that failure to act promptly will result in prejudice to the public interest.

The rule is available on the City of Portland’s website or can be requested from the Auditor's Office.

Ordinance Number 190839 Code Change

Amend Council Organization and Procedure Code to clarify attendance by electronic communication and meeting location (repeal Code Section 3.02.025 and amend Code Section 3.02.026)

Ordinance Number 190816 Code Change

Amend Local Improvement Procedure Code provisions to clarify that financial feasibility analysis occurs irrespective of method of initiation, improve readability of Resolution of Intent procedure, and clarify property owner notification requirements consistent with the City Charter (Amend Code Sections 17,08.010, 17.08.040, 17.08.050, 17.08.060, 17.08.070, 17.08.110, and 17.08.130)

Ordinance Number 190811 Code Change

Amend Water Code to comply with requirements per State statutes, correct a previous inadvertent omission, and clarify language (amend Code Sections 21.04.010, 21.08.020, 21.12.010, and 21.12.320)

Ordinance Number 190835 Code Change

Amend Emergency Procurements Code to authorize an increase in the Chief Procurement Officer’s signature authority to award, execute, amend, and terminate Emergency Procurement Contracts for Goods purchases to mitigate supply chain delays and shortages (amend Code Section 5.33.130)

ADM-8.03 - Public Records Requests Policy Change

The rule is revised for clarity. The revisions also include a new section listing seven guidelines for requesters to follow when submitting public records requests. These guidelines are based on state law and address issues that arise regularly during public records requests.

Portland City Charter Section 2-506(a) authorizes the City Auditor to establish rules for the Auditor’s Office. The City Auditor proposes the following revised administrative rule for adoption:

ARA 8.03 Public Records Requests

The City Auditor invites employees and the public to comment on the proposed revised rule. To be considered, comments must be received by 5:00 PM on March 25, 2022.

Comments may be:

Due to COVID-19, Auditor’s Office staff are working remotely and are not available to accept comments submitted in person or by mail.

Ordinance Number 190728 Code Change

Amend Additional Requirements for Sale, Use and Possession of Fireworks and Pyrotechnics Code to clarify unlawful fireworks, aerial luminary devices, and pyrotechnics (amend Code Subsection 31.40.070 A.)

Ordinance Number 190756 Code Change

Provide emergency housing services by extending the duration of a housing emergency and continuing the current housing emergency (amend Code Section 15.04.040)

Ordinance Number 190687 Code Change

Amend Title 33 Planning and Zoning and Title 32 Signs and Related Regulations to revise and update regulations for historic resources (amend Code Titles 32 and 33)

Zoning Code Update Packet #200 Zoning Code Update

This Zoning Code is the result of the Historic Resources Code Project (Ord. No. 190687) as well as the annual dollar threshold update (8% for 2022).

Ordinance Number 190686 Code Change

Amend Billing Responsibility Code to modernize and be consistent with Portland Water Bureau practices (amend Code Section 21.16.030)