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Results from November 2020 Survey

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What Works Portland Citywide Survey Results from November on whether bureaus maintain a discoverable and accessible data inventory


In the What Works Portland November newsletter, we learned about how the promise of open data and shared how the City is progressing with the expansion of its open data portal. Recognizing that the data stored on city servers is a powerful tool for the community, Portland is working to expand its open data portal and encourage its use to connect our work and achieve desirable outcomes.

So, in our survey we took things a step further and asked you to share if your bureau maintains a discoverable and accessible data inventory? Thank you to everyone that took the time to complete the survey. The results helped inform a base assessment of data inventory practices across City bureaus. Here is a quick summary of what we heard from you: 

  • Staff from five different bureaus participated in the survey.
  • When we posed the question, “how far along is your bureau in putting together a data inventory”, one-third of our respondents said their bureau has completed and maintains a data inventory. An equal number did not know.
  • Half of our respondents were not sure whether their bureau has a documented process of collecting and maintaining a data inventory.
  • Only 17% of respondents affirmed that their bureau’s data inventory accounts for 80% of its data.
  • When asked, “If your data inventory doesn't account for at least 80% of your Bureau's data, what % do you estimate?” half of our respondents weren’t sure.

Thanks again to all respondents. The What Works Cities steering committee will continue to use this information to bring awareness to how data and evidence is used across the City. We encourage you to take this month’s survey on whether your bureau sets measurable strategic goals and aligns performance data to track those goals. Please take the survey.

For more comments or questions concerning our survey results, contact whatworksportland@portlandoregon.gov