Insights Online Report


The City of Portland has created an interactive online report to help you navigate key findings from the PSU report. You can hover over the charts to see more detail. If you would like to explore the data in other formats, please return to the 2022 Insights Survey main page to see the options.

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We recommend you navigate this interactive report in order, starting with the Introduction section. You can click on the name of a section to jump directly to it or click on the 'Read the online report' to go to the first page.

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How to Use This Report

This is a screenshot of the Citywide Topics page of the report, with boxes on the side explaining the purpose of each part. The screenshot explains that you can click on gray buttons in the interactive charts to switch between the different available charts, or hover over part of the chart to easily see the associated category or percentage.

If you are getting errors when reviewing the interactive charts, please try viewing this report in another internet browser (Firefox, Chrome,  Microsoft Edge, etc.)