FY 2023-24 Fall Budget Monitoring Process

A yellow rectangle with the words: "Fall BMP". To the left of the words is a green circle with the words: "Budget monitoring".
The Fall BMP serves two major purposes: to give City Council and the public a summary of prior year activity and performance (budget monitoring) and to adjust the current fiscal year budget (supplemental budgeting).

Mayor's Budget Guidance

Budget Monitoring Process Manual

This manual provides detailed information, technical directions, and guidance for bureau staff preparing budget monitoring submissions.

Bureau Submissions

Bureaus were required to submit requested budget revisions, prior Decision Package and Budget Note updates, and performance data. 

Requested Fall Supplemental Budget Revisions

Decision Package Updates

A DP Update dashboard will be published in the coming weeks.

Budget Note Updates

Fall Budget Monitoring Process – Performance Measure Data

An updated Performance Dashboard will be available soon.

CBO Analysis