FY 2022–23 Work Sessions

Council convenes a series of Work Sessions to discuss key issues and funding requests as part of the annual budget process.

Work Sessions may be viewed on the City's YouTube Channel (eGovPDX), www.portlandoregon.gov/video, and Channel 30. 

Work Session No. 1

Topic: Effective City Support Services: Climate Emergency & Climate Resiliency

 Work Session No. 2

Topic: Building Resilient Infrastructure

Work Session No. 3

Topic: Community Safety & Emergency Response

Work Session No. 4

Topic: Returning TIF District Resources

Work Session No. 5

Topic: Cleaning Up the City and Improving Livability

Topic: Supporting Connected Communities and Livable Neighborhoods

Work Session No. 6

Topic: Addressing Housing & Houselessness

Work Session No. 7

Topic: Economic Stabilization & Recovery