FY 2013-14 Bureau Requested Budgets

A yellow rectangle with the words: "Bureau requested budgets". To the left of the words is a blue circle with the words: "Budget development".
After bureaus prepare their budget requests for the next fiscal year, they submit their Requested Budgets to the City Budget Office for review and analysis. This page contains the Bureau Requested Budgets and accompanying analysis and recommendations.

Bureau Requested Budgets 

CBO Analysis and Recommendations 

The City Budget Office provides independent analysis on Bureau Requested Budgets. These analyses summarize the Requested Budgets of the bureaus and highlight issues that may be of concern to Council, the bureau, the City Budget Office, or the public. CBO staff consider a variety of budget and policy issues, using an equity lens, including: 

  • Overall financial sustainability, including financial performance and trends 

  • Program performance trends, impact on program goals, and use of data and evidence 

  • Changes to revenues, expenditures, and positions 

  • Connection to City equity goals, Council-defined strategic priorities, and Core City Values 

  • Compliance with Comprehensive Financial Management Policies